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NFF series
System advantage

The NFF series is compact and easy to install, these units are completely closed (IP54 protection) and do not need any maintenance or adjustment of magnetic gap thanks to the special system for taking up any backlash caused by wear and tear.



Torque Nm

NFF 07


NFF 09


NFF 11


NFF 14


Torque Range

8 Nm ... 75 Nm

Max. Inputed Speed

3.000 min-1

Max. Work per each Braking

7 KJ ... 55 kJ

Max. Work per Hour

260 KJ/h ... 360 kJ/h

Max. Work between service

280 MJ ... 1220 MJ


Both Horiontal and Vertical Permitted

Input and Output Configuration

Both Solid and Hollow Shaft Available

Mounting Options:

Both Horiontal and Vertical Permitted

Foot Available
IM B5 Flange Available
IM B14 Flange Available


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