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We produce following types of valves on a binding contractural basis to customers proprietry designs and specifications.

 Wedge gate  Knife gate


 Swing check

 Tilting disc check

 Ball valves

 Control Valves



Designed and tested to conform to MSS SP81 and TAPPI TIS 405.8, specification

Full Lug pattern. Drilled and tapped to suit ANSI class 150 flanges.

Heavy gate with wide spaced clevis increases Gate and Stem life.

Wiper ring in stuffing box assists sealing during both operating and static condition

Locking hand wheel nut.

Impregnated asbestos free packing good for temperature upto 450F / 232 C and PH2-12 (Viton resilient seat good for temp upto 300 F/150 C

Fulll port one piece cast body with integral cast backup ring and self cleaning seat pocket.

Easy bolt on conversion to actuator or bevel gear operation.

Metal to metal seated valves designed to handle dense mixtures of stock and slurries. The shearing action of the knife gate cuts through solids and cleans the seat as it closes.

Resilient seated valves designed for the tight shut off o light consistency stock, white water or clean liquids and drip tight shu of in both directions.



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