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REMI ‘KR Series Flame Proof Motors

POWER 0.18kW 11kW

SYN. RPM 3000 / 1500 / 1000 / 750

REMI ‘NZG Series Mount on Gear Box

POWER 0.12kW ¨C 11kW SYN.

Ratio: 3.5 45

Suitable for mounting

IEC Frame Motors B5 Type

REMI ‘NZ Series

Helical Inline Integral Geared Motors

POWER 0.12kW ¨C 30kW

RPM 1.5 / 500

STD Motors

High Eff Motors as per IS 12615

Low Watt loss high grade CRNGO

German ‘VEM design of stamping

Special modified wires for ‘F class insulation

Gear Box

Any IEC frame motor can be coupled

Gear design from ‘STEPHAN Germany

Gear manufactured as per DIN standard

‘Block / ‘Unicase design of gear housing

REMI ‘ECR Series Single Phase

(230 V / 50 Hz)

Capacitor Start & Run (CR) Motors

POWER 0.09 kW 1.5 kW

SYN. RPM 3000 / 1500

REMI ‘KER Series Standard

Three Phase Motor

POWER 0.09kW ¨C 30kW

SYN. RPM 3000 / 1500 / 1000 / 750

FLP Motors

Suitable for GAS GROUP, I, IIA, IIB

Approved by Central Mining Research station (CMRI) Dhanbad

Approved by Directorate General

Factory Advice Services & Labour Institute (DGFASLI) Mumbai

Approved by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

Single Phase Motors

Without Centrifugal Switch, therefore practically maintenance free

Compact Capacitor Run Motor

Suitable for high starting torque applications, confirm with REMI

Geared Motors

Gears manufactured as per DIN standards

Gear design from ‘STEPHAN Germany

‘Block / ‘Unicase design of gear housing

High power to weight ratio, as Integral Motors

High precision machines used only


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